Why go self-insured

Self-insured employers will gain complete management and control over their files as well as access to an extensive PPO network. This will grant the opportunity for a more streamlined approach and consistency in benefits being provided to the injured workers, thus controlling costs on all levels. All of these advantages provide significant proven savings over a fully insured program and paying a premium (usually monthly).

Don’t worry carriers; we are here for you too! Our office administers numerous accounts for national insurance carriers that want a presence in Nevada, but do not maintain a physical address.

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claims management

Examiners review claims with a focus on each individual issue present, i.e., compensability, litigation, return to work, closure, etc. Our main focus is early intervention through our standard three-point contact, conducted within 24-hours, and detailed fraud investigation. Files are closely reviewed for recovery opportunities such as subrogation and subsequent injury relief. Accounts are updated with assertive claims management action plans, as well as contingency plans to address potential issues prior to one arising. All plans are developed with strict resolution time frames to allow for effective closure of claims. Conversant internal guidelines have also been put into practice to promote assertive case evaluation and ongoing review.

The most comprehensive and reliable indicators of the effectiveness of our internal review systems are the outstanding reputation maintained in dealing with all audits and reporting requirements by the State of Nevada Division of Insurance and Division of Industrial Relations. Internally, NAS has systems in place which entail regular supervisory review of claims activities to ensure effectiveness of claims handlings.

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litigation representation

NAS provides full scale litigation management/representation at all levels of the administrative proceedings. Our litigation and defense record is leagues above the industry standard. In this area, we boast a success rate above 95% in our employer defense efforts. Most importantly, since the employer defense is handled in-house, case continuity is maintained as the claims adjuster remains involved and in full communication throughout the litigation process.

NAS does not believe in taking a passive approach to legislative developments. To the contrary, we believe in taking change into our own hands and helping mold it. NAS president and senior personnel are registered lobbyists and actively participate in bringing about change and representing our clients’ interests during the Nevada State Legislature in session bi-annually. Additionally, NAS actively pursues governmental relations through the Department of Business and Industry and negotiates on behalf of our clients on many such matters.

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Customized PPO Network

The PPO network currently offered is one of the largest in the state and includes contracts with emergency and hospital providers that other PPO networks are not able to secure. As such, and because the client would benefit by the volume of referrals that are provided globally by the network, the net savings are unsurpassed by any competitor. The cost for this service is payable as a claim expense and it includes 25% of the savings between Med Fee Schedule and the contracted rate. This is extremely competitive, as most networks calculate their fee from billed charges to contracted rate. In contrast, our fee is based on true savings only.

Our present clients are saving 40% or more net below fee schedule after applying our fee. We will match this up with any other PPO.

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Nevada Alternative Solutions, Inc. is a fully licensed TPA in, and well diversified throughout, the state of Arizona. We also maintain an excellent rapport with the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona). For more information on our Arizona services, please contact us.

Industrial Commission of Arizona – Claims Division